Welcome to the Biddulph Twilight Market. The Garden Town of Staffordshire has held a market in the town in various formats for many years.

Why A Friday, When Residents Are Working?

Our neighbouring town of Congleton is a Charter Market, a status which was granted in 1272. This prevents other places in a 6 2/3 mile radius from having a market on a Saturday. Congleton Town Council is not the custodian of this Charter Right, that rests with Cheshire East Council, which now operates the Congleton Market. Over the years, Biddulph Town Council has had many discussions about the Charter to ask if we could move our market to a Saturday, but Cheshire East wish to uphold Charter.

We cannot change the day of the market here in Biddulph, but we would love it if more of you could attend.

We’re therefore, trialling a Twilight Market in the Town Hall and on the frontage, to complement the High Street offering, starting from 3.30pm.

Our first Twilight Market took place on Friday 6 May 2022. Select Fish and Cheshire Pie were on our Town Hall frontage 9am to 3pm and the following traders from 3.30pm to 7.30pm:

Aphrodite Designs, Darwin’s Pet Supplies, Suzanne Daniels (Avon, Body Shop), Happy Creations, Abi Through The Ears, Becci’s Home Bakery, Stix & Wix, Garden Planters & Stone Ornaments, Biddulph Local People’s Group, Flash Brewery, Ruth Breen Art, Crafts by Susan, Foxtail Florist.
Live music was provided by Samantha Lloyd 4pm to 6pm, which created a lovely atmosphere, and our recently refurbished bar area was open.
We’ve received great feedback – some examples below:
‘It’s been a brilliant event! Thank you to all who came Stix and Wicks’ 
‘It was lovely. The live music and the lady on the way out asking about the town was really nice’
‘Great event – well done’ 
‘It was brilliant, we will definitely be at the next one! Thank you from team Foxtail Florist’ 
‘It was lovely, everyone was so pleasant – will go to the next one’ 
‘Great. Sorry I had to work late, but managed to catch the end’ 
‘My lad got a free book! Many thanks’ 
We’re really grateful to all who came along; it was lovely to see so many families and young children dropping in after school.

I Would Like to Trade on Your Market!

Welcome! Biddulph is a small and friendly market.

Our aim for you, as a trader, is that you go home having sold your products and build a loyal customer base here in our town; with that in mind, we won’t flood the market with the same type of products.

If you are thinking of starting a business, looking to extend your business reach, or grow your venture, then a market stall is perfect for you.

We do this by following guidance from the market authority, NABMA. Our market terms and conditions are shown below and an application form is on the right. You can also pick up a paper application and terms and conditions from the Town Hall’s Reception.

Structure Price
Outside (inc gazebo) £12
Inside £8

Application for a Stall at Biddulph Twilight Market

If you have any queries, please call 01782 498480

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    High Street
    Staffordshire Moorlands
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    Monday – Friday 09.00-5.00